Your own member dashboard was introduced early 2016. This provided for better security your personal details and better management of your run information such as race collection dates and venues, race venues and your results and timing.

Today, you are receiving an End of Year and Christmas giftI am excited to announce a ground breaking service that will fire your running passion to so many levels I can’t even put words to it.

Imagine being rewarded for running and keeping yourself healthy. Picture you accumulating hooha! running rewards every time you put on your favourite running shoes and run, be it training or in an event.

Too good to be true? Read below for more.

Rack up rewards as you rack up kilometres!

Thanks to BookDoc Activ and Runners Asia, runners can now get exclusive rewards and discounts for staying fit. Simply download the BookDoc app and sync it with your phone or fitness tracker to start counting your steps, then redeem your prizes when you hit average monthly step goals!

With over 35 partners in 11 countries offering rewards and privileges to Activ users including Guardian, Malaysia’s largest pharmacy chain, KFit’s network of over 3000 gyms and wellness centres, Secret Recipe’s chain of cafes, nutrition shop GNC, BookDoc is helping you stay healthy in all areas of your life.

Whether its an athletic injury, flu, or even a dentist appointment, BookDoc lets you schedule healthcare appointments from your phone or online and get you right back to the activities you love. Available in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand, you can get care when and where you need it.

Download the app for free on iOS or Android